Jesus & Other Chic Sh!t


Did you just use Jesus and shit in the same sentence???

Yes, mam. Yes, sir...and I know I just got emoji eye rolls for days. 👀🙄👀

Most who have heard or read the tagline questioned it. "Porscha, don't you think that's going to rub some people the wrong way?" Meanwhile others said they loved it. To my haters, it’s intentional and I'm pretty confident God is cool is with it too. He and I talk 😏.

Real talk...I LOVE JESUS and I love fashion. I love Trap (“say I don’t gotta dance, I make money move”) and Christian Worship (Hillsong United all day everyday🙌🏾). So using the word "shit" interchangeably with chic while glorifying my God signifies that I am in NO WAY perfect nor do I strive to be.

What I am is...undeniably flawed, scarred but not broken, free and no longer condemned, bold and not afraid to spread the message of God's love.

So often we place God + Faith in a box and in turn create inauthentic and unrealistic boundaries that not only limit God but hinder our relationship with Him. Before you were who you are God knew you. He created you to be EXCLUSIVELY YOU. Really take a moment to think about it. <<This is a Selah moment right here for my bible scholars.>> 

There is NO ONE in this universe like YOU and there NEVER will be. No fingerprint or footprint will ever match yours on this Earth through all of eternity which means, YOU MY CHIC FRIEND ARE ONE OF A KIND.

So if you want to rock out to Cardi B, rock out and know that it doesn’t make you any less righteous to God and shouldn’t to people but if anything should make you more real because it’s just one of the many facets to what what makes you uniquely you.