Porscha Scott


Porscha Scott is the creative visionary and voice behind TAWKTHATCHIC.COM. She’s real and unfiltered. She’s fervent about life and passionate about people. She loves God and is exicited to fulfill her purpose through Him. She believes that one day her passions will expose her purpose. She's on a path of self-discovery, learning herself, trying to figure out where she is and where she's going. Each day she's discerning what she likes and doesn't like, what she can live with and live without. She's a girl's girl and she loves it! This fashionista is always in-the-know when it comes to fashion, make-up and jewelry. Her style is a mix between Old Hollywood glam and rockstar edge. She enjoys the simplicity of minimalism, but even more the freedom of bright colors and bold patterns. While her style is ever evolving, she's mastered the art of "effortless chic". Porscha's style in her own words is "a celebrity in her off day". Join her as she lives unapologetically one chic blog post at a time.

Porscha lives in Brooklyn, NY where you can likely spot her doing what she loves to do best - shop!